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With the heaviest of hearts we bring to you the sad sad news of the passing of our beloved brother, bandmate and friend . . . Hisashi Tanaka a/k/a "8th Wonder of the World." Sash had an incredibly unique way with words that I desperately wish to capture here, but that is not to be had, for it was a special style that was all his own. Like a beautiful snowflake, he was a one-of-a-kind, like no other . . . and destined to be here for only a short time before melting away to once again become part of everything in existence. He is already a significant part of all of us. We'll never fully understand why this amazingly talented, kind-hearted and genuinely good man felt he had to leave this World in such a way, but there are reasons for everything and Hisashi's reasons for doing or feeling a certain way about things were usually quite specific. He was passionate about everything, and we have always had the utmost respect for that particular quality in him.

His beautiful music and his beautiful soul will live on forever in our forever broken hearts.
Goodbye, dearest friend.....


Welcome to KAOS!

Come on in.  Check out the pics, check out the tunes,

KFO is a 4-piece from NYC; guitar, bass, drums and female singer. We’re in your basic hard rock territory, seventies style - the kick-your-ass and take no prisoners kind you don’t hear much of anymore.

All the players here are outstanding, but what sets this apart from the pack is first and foremost the voice of lead singer Pam Dixon - gutsy, ballsy and soulful, sometimes reminiscent of Ann Wilson at her hardest rocking bluesy best.

The other thing KFO have going for them is a great set of original tunes, inspired by the purest hard rock of the early seventies, strong on lyrical content, without a hint of metal or prog anywhere. “Camelot”, “Rainbow”, “Pipe Bomb”, and the standout “Woodman” are among the best of the ten songs herein. Their back-to-basics sound offers a nice break from the proggy-prog and genre-bending stuff we usually cover in these pages.

In one word, KFO is fun.

Peter T – Exposé Magazine

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